Chai Wolfman

My work looks at the process of finding peace and balance, in one's own individual life and as a collective community. Colorful and bold, my paintings have a sense of being grounded, but not necessarily stable.

Recent work conveys an aspirational quality present in the urban environment. The city holds potential, promise, and history. Layers of people, cultures, homes, architecture, smells, sounds, colors, and patterns all offer inspiration. It holds at once both strength and fragility.

I usually start with acrylic and watercolor paints on paper, then add detail and texture with the sewing machine. I love the tactile process of sewing on paper and use this reference to quilting as a way to add warmth and calm. Most recently, I've been building up layers of paint and thread to create imaginative landscapes that blend all of these ideas together.

Check out The Found Painting Project, where I post small paintings on trees for people to discover and take home. Follow @chaiwolfman and #foundpaintingproject on social media to find out more and see where we've been and where we're going. Click on the Art tab to see images of all the paintings in the project so far.

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