Chai Wolfman

Welcome to my artist site where I document the progression of my creative practice. I am primarily a visual artist working with paint and thread. Whether I’m making imagined landscapes, my signature meditation buddies, or stitched mantra paintings, my work is vibrant, imaginative, and imbued with a sense of peace. I create work with themes like community, connection, and hope - all things I’d like to see more of in the world.

My original works are painted and sewn on paper - both with the sewing machine and embroidered by hand. The process of cutting and tearing paintings and stitching them back together is inspired by crazy quilting and the symbolic idea that something beautiful and new can come from the scraps. Other motifs like cityscapes, light strings, roots, and trees, all add layers of meaning.


Since creating the Found Painting Project in 2014, I have been posting small paintings on trees for people to discover and take home. Follow @chaiwolfman and #foundpaintingproject on social media to find out more and see where we've been and where we're going. Click on The Found Painting Project to see images of all the paintings in the project so far.

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