Chai Wolfman

"Invisible Connections" is a new painting series released June 2020.

The isolation and distancing required by the current global pandemic has brought into focus just how connected we are as human beings. Many of these connections are invisible - the virus itself, virtual get togethers, a variety of emotions, a collective grief. These paintings use only four colors (+white) to represent the limitations on our daily lives. They focus on themes of isolation, community, connection, and hope.

The entire series can be viewed in the 2020 tab to the left. To purchase, visit my shop to see what is available.

These paintings are part of the #artistsupportpledge, so for every $1,000 sold, I will purchase the work of another artist for $200.


Guiding a painting through the sewing machine connects me to past generations who created quilts to warm their loved ones. I infuse that same love and intention of warmth into my paintings.

My imagined landscapes blend buildings and natural elements. I use paint and thread to create a world of color and texture that is grounded in hope.


Check out The Found Painting Project, where I post small paintings on trees for people to discover and take home. Follow @chaiwolfman and #foundpaintingproject on social media to find out more and see where we've been and where we're going. Click on The Found Painting Project to see images of all the paintings in the project so far.

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